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We are committed to providing
quality driving instructions.
€‹We are committed to providing quality driving instructions. We will teach you strategies for safe driving, along with the state-specific rules and regulations that every driver needs to know. We also teach with patience, understanding, and compassion. We know how anxious it can be, sitting behind the wheel. Sky'€™s the Limit Driving Academy in Katy, our driving school will give you the tools you need to be a good driver, and practice them with you until you feel confident with your driving skills.

Our instructors are licensed by the Texas Education Agency, and they are professional, patient, and courteous. We offer flexible in-car hours for teens and adults. Transportation is provided from school, making it convenient for scheduling driving practice after school for teen drivers. It also gives them an additional sense of independence, as they are the ones behind the wheel--literally. 

Sky'€™s the Limit Driving Academy offers comprehensive classes in teen and adult driving education, with an emphasis in Katy on defensive driving strategies, general safe driving practices, and drug and alcohol driving awareness. Not only will we teach you how to drive by the state-specific rules and regulations, we will teach you how to drive safely and responsibly!

We offer DADAP  - Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program that is approved by the court system. 

We bring hope and vision to men, women and children who live in our community, who strive for greater independence in their lives. We provide resources and educational tools to the community, in order for you to reach for the sky, and achieve your dreams! 

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Welcome to Sky's The Limit Driving School in Katy

Teen Driving Education
14 - 17 years old

Adult Driving Education
  • 1 day /6 hours class
 Given on Saturdays & Sundays
18 Years and Older

Weekend Teen Course 
Saturday's    10:00a.m. - 12noon &  Sunday's    4:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.

19540 Clay Rd. Suite F 
Katy, TX 77449 

Click links below to register for 

 Online Adult Course

Online Teen Course
         Online Parent  Taught

Online Defensive Driving Course

Adult Classroom Course

DPS Prep Test & Road Safety Training
1 hour 20 minutes $85.00​

  We Are a Approved Third Party Skills Testing School 
   DPS ROAD TEST - (Click on Link) 

                                                            Call for Details ​
2017 Summer Special 
 Must Register Before Class Start Date 

 8:30a.m.  - 10:30a.m.    $245.00
10:30a.m.  - 12:30p.m.   $255.00
7:00p.m. -  9:00p.m.       $275.00

In order to complete all drive time before the start  
of school year, you may purchase a speedy pass. 

                         Click on The Road Test link to know How to Prepare for a Driving Test:
                                                     THE ROAD TEST                                         
                                 Student must watch the 2 hour ITTD Video before you can take the test  

Call to register for testing: